What Plastic – Free Swaps Can You Make in 2018?

Have you been wanting to help the planet but were also too “busy” or money was “tight”? Those excuses can’t exist anymore. The planet needs you to start doing things today. I have compiled some small swaps I did when I first started my journey. Not only are they cheaper, but they are easier too. I’m going to be a little rough here because I’m tired of these excuses!

Grocery Bags

Stop being lazy and bag your groceries yourself. While you’re at it, grab those $.99 reusable grocery bags made of canvas you see all over your market and get to working. A great way to rid plastic is through your vegetables. Packing your vegetables in individual plastic bags you find next to them is so horrible, they are as single use as single use can get. Check out these multi-use organic cotton mesh produce bags on Amazon. I don’t just use these things for produce, I use them when I go to get a few things from Walgreens, Target or just carry them around when I travel as they are great for small snack runs!

Shower Products

I realized the amount of money and plastic body wash and shave cream ate up was not worth it. I replaced shave cream and body wash with a simple bar soap. I wanted nice smelling, lathery soaps so I did some research and found ones that ship in a cardboard box, have recyclable box packaging and the best part is – they cost such little money compared to buying shave cream and body wash every month or two. It’s really simple, so just do it.


I have used a washcloth or a plastic scrub ball for the past few years. While the wash cloth I still use, I wanted something with a better scrubbing power. I found out they are called loofahs because loofah is a plant and that is what they were originally made from. These were also a very cheap alternative, so again, I did some research and found these fantastic loofahs made of organic cotton and organic loofah plant. What’s also great, if you have a compost, you can cut it up into small pieces and throw it in when you’re done. Cotton and loofah compost, over time, but they biodegrade well and you won’t ever have to worry about it being in a landfill.


It’s simple. Refuse them. Say no. Just put them aside or simply say “No thank you” I forget sometimes, we are human and we forget. You’ll get the hang of it. However, if you really need to have a straw, buy silicon, bamboo or stainless steel alternatives. They are cheap, easy and can fit in any bag.

Water Bottles

Really? We’re in this day in age and we still use water bottles? I have had a Brita since freshman year of college – 7 years ago, and my Brita is still up, running, clean and saving hundreds of thousands of plastic bottles from being bought and sent into the ocean. Also – I save money too. If you don’t have a water filter on your fridge like I don’t, choose to buy $40 worth of Brita equipment and filter your own water. What’s awesome, is they make reusable water bottles and there are nifty designs and are they are cheap. If you are going out, fill your water bottle at home using your BRITA NOT PLASTIC WATER BOTTLES and take fresh, cold, filtered, non-plastic water on the go.

These are all so simple and just the beginning. Really take the time when you go grocery shopping especially to see what you can purchase instead of that item in the plastic packaging. Can you take 15 minutes from your week and cut up a pineapple yourself instead of buying the precut? Can you buy that whole potato instead of the one ready to microwave in the plastic cellophane? Yes. You can. I believe in you.

What plastic swaps will you make in 2018?

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