Decluttering through Amazon’s Trade In Program

Do you have a lot of books, CDs, DVDs, video games or various electronics? Are you unsure where to start with it all and just want them gone? Well, just three weeks ago I was in the same boat as you and do not worry, removing these items from your life are a lot easier than you think.

I went through my DVD and CD collection and realized how many I haven’t listened to or watched in literally years. I looked into Amazon’s trade-in program and started typing in the titles of the items I set aside. I listed them as what condition they are in and clicked the little “Do Not Send Back If In Lesser Condition” button and wa-la! I put these titles in a little box, printed out the shipping label and gave it to the UPS store, free of charge. Within the next few days I found a little $5 gift card in my Amazon account (DVDs weren’t giving me much more than .60 a pop) and I used that towards the brand new Amazon FireHD for my mother’s Christmas gift.

What am I going to do next? I love reading and because of this little fact I’ve accumulated a lot of books that I no longer need or want. I am going to my parents house, taking the ones I left there, taking the one’s former employers gave me to better my “business” skills for when I was a supervisor and am going to make room for more books on my stickered bookshelf that I will cherish for longer than these clearly have.

This holiday season, declutter. Do not add more to your already cluttered home and give back to your local community. Closer to the new year I am going to write about a few different charities I have personally donated to and share my experiences so that maybe you can also look around and realize what you can remove from your shelves.

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