Minimalistic Lifestyle or Zero-Waste? Why Not Both?

To be one you do not have to be the other. If you are one for DIY or just plain giving a shit about the world, than both would be ideal. Zero-Waste is easier for me than a minimalist lifestyle is. I have always loved the feeling of throwing something away, as a kid I loved to clean out my toys and get rid of items that cluttered my life (Though, my mother was not too happy). So, you’d think, “Liz, if you love throwing things away, why is minimalism so hard for you?” WELL – I am a collector. A collector of old cameras, Harry Potter figurines, novelties, and animal bones, so the minimalistic lifestyle does not work well with a collector.

I fully believe if you have your quirks, be it a camera or small spoon collector, than it is okay to have these items. They have a purpose in your life, they have meaning and they are not wasteful in your eyes. If something has meaning, keep it; we are all human and we all like our items. Just because you really like this brand of chips that come in a plastic/aluminum bag and buy it once a week, we Zero-Wasters aren’t going to penalize you for it.

If you are conscious of the world around you and the impact you are having on every purchase you make, that’s all we can ask. I think of how long specific items will be on this planet long after I die and it’s painful for me. I have stopped buying a lot of items I love specifically because it pained my heart to know I am only adding to the problem.

Choose to change what you can. Buy the whole fruit and freeze it rather than buying the plastic container full. Purchase the slightly more expensive glass spice jar instead of the plastic one. Money in the long run, does not matter, what does matter is how well we can take care of this Earth for you procreators out there. Don’t you want your children to breathe easily and not worry about plastic mountains piling up while they only read about specific animal species in textbooks and not be able to go see them in person?

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