A New Found Love With Digital Garage Sales

Since moving into my own place, I have gotten most of my belongings second hand which I am immensely thankful for. However, this has also caused me to obtain more than one of the same object secondhand. I am one individual and do not need 6 pots in different sizes or 12 mismatched wine glasses. I don’t entertain because quite frankly I despise when people are in my bubble and I also enjoy choosing when to leave a social gathering.

I digress.

It’s been a year and I made a decision: if I have not used it this year, try to remove it from this apartment. I started with an old spaghetti pot and a small cupcake decorating set. Both secondhand, both years upon years old, never used. I posted these items on the Facebook Marketplace and within a few hours someone was picking them up for free on my porch steps by someone who really loves pasta and someone who is an intense baker. I realized, it’s that easy to just give things away that would otherwise be in a landfill on my own behalf!

I obtained a brand new in the box desk chair for free which would, unfortunately, have gone to landfill if I did not snag it. My old desk chair, old but in great shape, I out grew. It was blue, glittery and I just couldn’t take looking at it anymore as it was from when I was 10. I put it on the curb, posted a photo of it for someone to come pick it up for free. Again, within a few hours someone was messaging me for the street it was on and if it was still there. They thanked me immensely as it is exactly what they needed and LOVED the color. This experience began to warm my heart.

This began my new addiction for my journey to minimalism. DVDs, CDs, old blender cups, unused bulk lotions, an ottoman, a lamp. These are items I didn’t need anymore, haven’t used and are cluttering my life unintentionally. I began putting price tags on some of these items and people were still responding.

People, material items mean nothing in your life. Just because they are cute, or trendy, or look good on your wall or shelf, does not mean you need to have it. My walls are filled with my own paintings I couldn’t sell, album artwork, signs, vinyls, or they are plain. You do not need the amount of crap you have in your place. Put one thing you can part with that you don’t need money for on a digital garage sale. Feel how amazing it is that it did not go into a landfill, but into a home where it will be loved and used.

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