Why We Need More Millennials To Get Behind Climate Change

Climate Change is a thing. It is fact. If you have paid attention to the news at all over the past 15 years and the fact that areas all over the world has seen storms unlike any other, land loss, air quality warnings, water levels rising, it is because of humans. Humans have impacted this world in the past 100 years than billions of years of any animal and with politicians denying this impact it will only get worse.


Millennials are the next biggest generation compared to Baby Boomers and we are the only group that cares more about real issues. Millennials are about the reality and the reality is the Earth is telling us something. Yes, the Earth has gone through Ice Ages, droughts and so many other temperature changes since it was a little baby Earth. However, this change is due entirely to human activity. We are even getting to the point where there are hundreds of thousands of debris in space! Space, the only place that no one owns and is only place that can be free to live, breathe and be it’s own entity and humans are even invading that. Now, I’m all for space travel, I would love to know if there are other beings out there and I eat up news on planet findings, but we should not be leaving dead satellites to orbit and threaten out atmosphere.

I digress.

We need more people pushing out facts and MAKE people listen. Check out my Instagram: @lizsaysboo.  I have been posting consistently with quality graphics from quality organizations that actually care about this planet. Want to know who has been the primary reactors to these posts? Millennials. Every single person that comments or “likes” these photos I look into their pages, I see what they are about and they are usually in the base age rage of people who give a shit.

“The vast majority of survey participants also agreed about what causes climate change—91 percent answered “agree” and “strongly agree” with the statement “science has proven that humans are responsible for climate change.”

About 78 percent of respondents also said they are willing to change their lifestyle to protect the environment.”

Eco Watch Article

This is important people. We need your help. If you want to have a family and you want your kids to have a family and so on and so forth, you need to make changes. It really is not that hard. Check out my other posts and you can join me on my journey to lessen waste and reduce plastic use and be more conscious of your everyday choices. Hey, you may even enjoy it!

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