Minimal Waste Adventures – September Follow Up

It’s been about a month since I began really taking care of what I let leave my apartment, this means food and garbage waste. Here are actions I have began to take which anyone can do.

  • Consume less meat: I add chicken to most meals I create, however, I have opted for rice or adding more protein in the form of plant protein in order to compensate for this. Meat comes packaged in plastic as well as its scraps cause garbage to smell much quicker in turn needing to use more plastic garbage bags
  • Composting: I added a small, 1 gallon bucket to my front porch to put all vegetable and leaf scraps in. This has also allowed my garbage to smell less as well as create less rot in landfills.
  • Less beauty products: I have removed the use of shave cream, body wash and toothpaste from my bathroom. Bar soap has taken the place of shave cream and body wash while baking soda and peppermint oil has taken the place of toothpaste
  • Better food choices: removing ready-made foods such as frozen sweet potatoes, lemon juice and easy rice. Opting for the boxed with no plastic or natural versions of food not only allow me to add more to compost but has less plastic waste.

None of these changes has effected my daily life, none of these changes has broken the bank and none of these changes has complicated my life. If anything, these choices have made everything easier. It has taught me to cook more, has taught me to realize what I put into the garbage, and it has allowed me to spend a little less on groceries each month. Eating more natural and less processed makes me feel better and have more energy.

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