Why I was blown away at the Bronx Zoo.

I visited the Bronx Zoo for the first time and the first thing I saw was recycling and compost bins everywhere. At every concession stand they promoted the need for less plastic and the need for proper recycling. Within the exhibits that held endangered species, they showed the gruesome reality of why specific animals are endangered. As hard as it was to see these photos, it explained to the future adults of the world as well as the current adults what we are doing to this planet.


I had a 7 year old with me and he kept asking why there were so many terrible photos surrounding the beautiful exhibits. I used this opportunity to take over for his father and explain to him what humans do to the Earth and the animals he was so excited to see. He asked why there was donation bins and why there were giant, fake trees that looked as though they were cut down. I explained deforestation, the importance of recycling and the importance of why we should not purchase products that contain animal skins or parts such as fur and ivory.

He was very upset by it, though I’m sure he only grasped and retained parts of what I said at the end of the day, at least we were able to get his thoughts flowing about this.

Overall, this zoo was spectacular. Sometimes I feel for the animals within zoos because they may have small cages, not much room to roam and the food may not be the best. However, this zoo beat all odds. Every animal had a natural type habitat and plenty of space. They clearly want the animals to breed and promote babies so that some species can get out of the endangered spectrum.



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