What are some easy, organic, environmentally friendly product swaps?

Oh, well, I’m glad you asked!

I’ve been researching for months on items in my apartment I can swap out not only efficiently but where I’m not breaking the bank. I am the queen of bargain shopping so I was always conscious of the swap outs I began doing. As you all know, my journey started with the toothbrush. These are made by The Green Root and they are fantastic. 1 year supply of eco-friendly toothbrushes for $12, can’t beat that.

2017-08-08 07.05.37 1.jpg

Now, I use body wash and soap and shave cream. I realized very quickly that these can all be condensed into one product – a lathering bar soap! Researching not only the organic products but the packaging it comes in, I stumbled upon ArtNaturals on Amazon. The reviewer’s photos showcased all of the packaging it came in which to my surprise – recyclable boxes and no plastic! It only cost around $12 and with Amazon Prime it was an even better deal.

2017-08-08 07.05.41 1.jpg

Last but not least, onto my final purchase. I use washcloths but I really love the scrubbing power of a good loofah. I’ve used all types and they last me a few months before I get rid of them and start new. Though cheaper, the current poofs I use are made of plastic and I just can’t get myself to buy them again because of that fact. I found that loofahs are actually a plant, when they are actually made from the loofah plant and began some research. Lulu Essentials creates an all organic loofah with an elastic strap which immediately caught my eye. Again, through Amazon, the reviewers stated that the packaging was plastic free.

2017-08-08 07.05.39 1.jpg

See? It’s not completely hard to find organic, plastic free products to replace in your home. I am constantly on the lookout for at home recipes along with organic products that can help my lifestyle be cheap and eco-friendly.


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