Everyday Plastic Items in Your life

Toothbrush. Body Wash. Shampoo. Face Wash. Liquid Hand Soap. Conditioner. Toothpaste. Lotion. Deodorant. Chapstick. Pens. Perfume. Food Containers. Plates. Forks. Spoons. Knives. Bowls. Cups. Lids. Straws. Plugs. Cords. Surge Protectors. Phones. Stickers. Thumbtacks. Toys. Toy Packaging. Bins. Baskets. Honey. Olive Oil. Vegetable Oil. Pan Handles. Glass Container Lids. Picture Frames. Chargers. Laptops. Cars. Car Parts. Lights. Headphones. Headphone Wires. Cleaning products. Spices. Oils. Plastic Bags (obviously). Pre-Cut Fruit. Chips. Shredded Cheese. Cheese Blocks. Hummus. Frozen Food. Juice. Yogurt. Cottage Cheese. Bread. Wraps. Peanut Butter. Sponges. Magnets. Dish Soap. Dishwasher Soap. Tape. Binders. Folders. Deliveries. Reusable Waterbottles. Take Out. Pizza. Light Switch Plates. Tables. Chairs. Candles. Soap Dispensers. Toilet Paper Dispensers. Essential Oils. Cooking Oil. Eyeglasses. Sunglasses. Office Phones.

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