Isn’t Using Less Plastic More Difficult and Expensive Than You Expected?

No. The short answer is no.

If you have read my previous posts, it started with my toothbrush. These bamboo toothbrushes came in a pack of four for $12.99 which is a little more than $3 a brush. Is that not what we normally pay for a decent quality toothbrush that didn’t come from the dollar store? The cost is the same and the ability to obtain them is the same and the feel of the brush on my teeth is the same, the only difference: it will not end up in a turtle’s nose or landfill.

Six 4 oz. and six 8 oz mason jars arrived at my door step and all I saw when I opened them and cleaned them were the possibilities of less trash and more customizable products.


Sugar, coffee grounds, essential oils, coconut oil, almond and vanilla extract; these are all products currently sitting in my kitchen. These new products will be costing me a total of $1-2 for each product being made and about one hour a month of my time. To me, it isn’t about the amount of time to create my own beauty products or the money, it is about the fact that I won’t be throwing our plastic bottle after plastic bottle every single month just to go back to the store and buy more plastic bottles.

If someone is willing to prepare and take some time to figure out the priorities, the difficulty level is negative and the cost level is about similar. Please, I advise everyone who reads these words to take some time themselves and see what small changes they can make in their lives. It will not affect you any, it will only impact the planet that we live and breath on and your future kids will need to survive.

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