Bathroom Cloaked in Plastic.

Once I replaced my toothbrush, I began to think, “What else can I easily replace just as I did my toothbrush?” I looked hard at my bathroom and was disgusted not because I haven’t given it a good scrubbing in a few weeks but because of the amount of plastic products I use.

Now, I am a simplistic woman. My idea of “putting on make up” is 2 coats of mascara and “doing my hair” is braiding it when it’s wet so it doesn’t frizz during the summer heat. However, when I look around at my baskets and bottles in my medicine cabinet, I realized I have more products than I need and a lot more products that are plastic than I should.

2017-07-31 06.55.51 1.jpg

Being repulsed by the way the beauty industry manufactures so many products that ideally do the exact same thing or nothing at all and puts them ALL in plastic bottles or caps blew my mind. I began figuring out how I can change this for my own bathroom.

  • First, I decided, that since all of the products were bought or gifts, I was going to use them to completion as quickly as possible or give them away.
  • Second, I began googling alternatives to this plastic nightmare I created.
  • Third, I ordered six 4 oz. and 8 oz. mason jars

With mason jars on the way and DIY beauty recipes in hand, all I had to do was wait impatiently for this new adventure to kick off.


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