How can I begin a plastic-free lifestyle?

For years I have always subconsciously chosen the wooden,  stainless steel or the fabric option. I never knew that as I grew older I would take these choices much more seriously.

At heart I am a travel photographer. I love wondering around, traveling to new places and showing the world what most over look which is abandoned architecture and forgotten landscapes. Little did I know that when I would travel to new places I would be picking up garbage and observing what humans left behind on their own adventures.

After watching documentaries like Netflix’s new “Chasing Coral” or “Mission Blue” or even just being disgusted by the TV show, “Hoarders”. We as humans purchase items without even thinking about where it may end up years from now. Every purchase I make I think about what it’s made from or if I’m even going to still have it in 5 years.

Within the past year I have taken even more consideration for every purchase I make and either realizing it made me feel guilty or made me feel like this is only the beginning to my new lifestyle.

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