It all started with the toothbrush.

One night I was observing my toothbrush. This was an odd tool humans use to clean themselves. There are so many different brushes and wipes and products we use to make sure every little nook and cranny on our bodies are clean.

I looked beyond the tools use for the first time in my life. Nylon bristles and silicon slivers, all attached to a hunk of rubber grips and plastic. This was revolting to me. Why is something so simple made of so many different types of materials? All being incredibly harmful to the environment might I add and “they” tell you to replace your toothbrush every 3 months for “optimal hygiene”. Four times a year we throw out something that is incredibly harmful to the environment. If you average an 85 year lifespan, one individual uses 340 toothbrushes that we never think of again. Do you ever wonder where those 340 toothbrushes are? Are they in the ocean? Are they stuck up a sea turtles nose? Are they in a landfill until my grandchildren are born that is covered in bugs and raccoon droppings?

I did a little research and I found a minimalistic, compostable toothbrush made of bamboo. Not only does it come in a pack of 4, which is a years worth of toothbrushes, but I can throw it into my mom’s compost in her backyard to be used for gardening in the future. Though the nylon bristles need to be plucked prior to compost, it still saves a years worth of product I use daily from being thrown into a landfill or ocean.

Being as easy as the “Find and Replace” action in Excel, I began to do a little more research into what else I could do to get rid of the small plastics in my life. My journey into being as plastic free as possible started with a simple toothbrush.

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